Thursday, May 28, 2009

My girls are growing up to fast!

My big girl yesterday was just amazing. At breastfeeding class she was wearing a onesie, overalls, and a daper (because previously she has had an accident every time we go, the only place she wears a diaper). She came to me while playing with her friend Emery and told me she had to pee pee. So I jumped up got her little potty out, stripped her down and sat her on the potty. Next thing you know she is peeing right there in the middle of class with 3other kids watching and all the other moms in shock of the 22month old peeing in the potty. I was just dancing inside, trying not to jump out of my skin.
Today riding down the interstate she told me she had to pee pee so pulling over on the nearest exit. As she is crying pee pee pee pee and I am singing a made up hold it song. Pull over and whip out the cool little potty and get her out of her seat as fast as i can. Put her on the potty in the car on the seat because where I pulled off was fresh dirt with fresh rain, not a pretty site. And again she peed in her potty right there in the car! She makes me so proud of her each day.

My little girl has great head control and loves to jump in her jumparoo. She fell asleep in it tonight. Hope this means Mommy has a good night sleep! ;)

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