Sunday, May 10, 2009

Our CRAZY Life Narriated by me (mommy)

I thought I might start a blog on our crazy chaos life. I have a fantastic husband that is currently a High School English Teacher (please don't fault me for my horrible spelling and grammar). I am a SAHM to two beautiful girls. My mom also is in the mix of this crazy house. She has moved in after her divorce.

Lance and I grew up in Beaufort and have landed ourselves here in Charleston after attending CSU. We built our house here in Summerville and have developed a lot of friends here. We have had two little girls. Rowan is 21months and Kiernan is 5weeks.

Rowan is a firecracker. She amazes me every day. Her vocabulary is far beyond what I ever expected at this point and she strives to learn more each day. She likes to learn to read and sign. Diego is one of her favorite shows. She has just started being a little jealous of her new baby sister. I guess she has figured out that Kiernan is not being returned. Potty training is going well. We have started going out of the house with panties and this is our second night in panties. She loves the outdoors just like her mommy and daddy.

Kiernan is our new baby girl. She is only 5weeks old. She is growing rapidly. She is a very good well mannered little girl. She loves to eat and smile. She has rolled over a few times and has two teeth!! I guess she is trying to keep up with her big sister.

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