Thursday, June 11, 2009

My baby thinks she is grown up.

Wednesday Kiernan was 9weeks old. I put her down for tummy time while Rowan and I were eating our breakfast. Before I could get back to my chair and turn around she flipped over to her back. Amazed I wanted to catch it on video. So like the good mommy I am I rolled her over to her tummy to see her do it again. She was PISSED. So on video I caught her screaming mad at me. She must have rolled over for a reason, go figure. Maybe one day soon she will let me video her.

Today tried to put sunglasses on her and she flipped. She does not care for things on her face. I have to pull her clothes over her face really fast or she will freak. SO I guess sunglasses are out of the question for now.

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