Thursday, July 9, 2009

If you dont cloth diaper you should!

We have cloth diapered both of our children. We LOVE our cloth diapers and would have it no other way. We have many different cloth diapers but the most we have are bumGenius They are so easy to use your husband will even like them. You put the on just like a disposable you just dont throw them away. We have 20now. We started out with 18 and have the older colors but once the new colors came out my BFF bought me one then I just had to buy another ;)

Rowan with a green BG when we were at Ben and Mary's! Should have gotten a Picture of Titus in a BG and Rowan in a BG together! She was walking in this picture so she was over 9months. Not sure of her exact age here. Now she still wears them at night just in case of an accident. She is 23months and potty trained.

Kiernan in her FIRST BG!!

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